About me

Niklas Henricson

The fascination of star gazing started already at first years of my childhood. I was looking up at the night sky with my grandfather every summer night, studying constellations, looking at the moon through his binoculars and counting satellites flying by.
The interest and fascination of cosmos had never left me even though the years went by finding myself occupied with many other things before astronomy finally became my hobby.

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden 1979 and grew for the most part of my childhood years in Greece. Later I’ve studied some physics at Lund’s university and was hoping to continue with astronomy as I was chief of observatory for the Tycho Brahe Astronomy Society in Lund.
Circumstances in  life led me however to return to IT/software development and today I’m working as an IT-consultant at CGI Group Inc. During my off-time, I spend most of my time with my wife Melissa and our daughters.

Melissa & Niklas

My main hobbies are astronomy and astrophotography and I was also a member of several astronomy societies in south Sweden but time was never enough to continue being an active member. My other hobbies are Music (playing clarinet and piano) and Scuba Diving (advanced open water diver).

This blog is dedicated to my family (Melissa, Vanita and Lena Grace), our friends and to all of you who share the same fascination towards the beauty of this science and all the secrets yet to be revealed.


2 thoughts on “About me

    Dragana Trivic said:
    2011-08-25 at 7:53 AM

    Hej Niklas,
    jag har delat din blogg på facebook.com/naturvetenskap, så du vet!
    Dragana Trivic, kommunikatör på Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten vid Lunds universitet

      astroniklas responded:
      2011-08-28 at 10:01 PM

      Tack Dragana!

      Väldigt uppskattat 🙂

      Med vänlig hälsning,

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