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Niklas HenricsonPhoto: Sara Frostberg Lowery

The last few years I’ve made occassionally appearance on TV, radio and news papers regarding astronomy and science related news and happenings, but in difference to these interviews, I’ve been asked this time by “Lunds Lokaltidning” to say a few words about this blog in particular.

A big thanks to Sara Frostberg Lowery for taking time and effort visiting me at home last week. It was a nice relaxing interview as we both talked about my background and this big interest around astronomy and astrophotography.

In difference to most blogs covering fashion, movies, life experiences, music and so on; this blog is ofcourse dedicated to astrophotography and astronomy related news and history. That became interesting for the local newpaper who started recently a campain of interviews dedicated in local blog authors resided within our community, Lund.

If you’re interested reading the article click this link bellow.

Lunds Lokaltidning – Med blicken riktad uppåt

A google-translated version can be found here.

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