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Sara and myself where about to walk to the grocery store when I asked her if by any chance it would be possible to spend this evening with an observing session. I wouldn’t normally have asked her if it wasn’t because it was our last night together before she would go visit some relatives in Stockholm for a week.

Jupiter with it's moon Io and Europe
Jupiter with it’s moon Io and Europe

Around 10 pm I started carrying out the mount, tube, camera and all other instruments needed. It was about time to set mt sights toward Jupiter. A planet that fascinates everyone that knows a little about it. Apart from it’s size and beautiful colors few people think how important this gas giant has been for our lives and our very existense! Yes… Because Jupiter has acted as saviour for this pale blue dot (C. Sagan) many times. The gigantic gravitational field pulls all the garbage floating around there in the outer solar system towards Jupiter. In fact, Jupiter’s role is as big as the one assigned to our Sun.

Polar alignment kept me busy for the most part, even though a DLSR camera wouldn’t give the same results as a CCD webcam, and the only webcam I own is a CMOS one. Nevertheless, the result you see below and thanks to Sara we could enhance the colors pretty well. So the result of Jupiter with my EOS 300D Digital Rebel was actually good!

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4 thoughts on “Jupiter

    Jensns said:
    2011-08-27 at 11:47 AM

    Hej, vilka brännvidder snackar vi om på en bild som denna? Är den croppad mycket?

      astroniklas responded:
      2011-08-27 at 7:33 PM

      Hej Jens,

      Jupiterbilden togs med en Newton-teleskop på 1200 mm brännvidd (f/8), med ett 2x Barlow och Celestron’s NexImage webbkameran. Filmsekvensen var rätt så kort (ungefär 5 minuters inspelning). Ja, bilden blev croppad ca 50% av originalstorleken. Du har mera specifikationer om utrustningen under sidan “Utrustning” här på bloggen. Det finns också länkar som tar dig till tillverkarens/försäljarens sidor.

      M v h,

    Kimizima Keiko said:
    2016-12-05 at 5:57 AM

    Hi, Ӏ tɦink youг site miǥht ƅe hаving browser cimpatibility issues.

    Ꮤhen I ⅼook at yօur website іn Firefox, it ⅼooks fine buut ѡhen oplening in Interrnet Explorer, іt
    has some overlapping. I јust wanted to ցive yߋu a
    quick heads up! Othᥱr then that, fantastic blog!

      astroniklas responded:
      2016-12-05 at 6:03 AM

      Thank you for your nice words Kimizima and your heads up notice. I checked it on Edge in Windows 10. Would you please let me know which version of IE you used?

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